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HiQ. A high-IQ CSS framework.

Jump-start your styling with a lightweight, easily customizable framework that is built with CSS custom properties and modern best practices.

HiQ Features

Just what you need

In the age of Flexbox, CSS grid, and other exciting layout features, there is less and less need for a bloated CSS framework. What you do need is a simple foundation on top of which to build your own styles. Enter HiQ.

Built progressively

HiQ is built using PostCSS and takes advantage of exciting new CSS features, like custom properties. If you use the source version, you can use custom selectors and mixins to make styling even easier.

Easy theming

Drop HiQ into your project, alter some CSS variables, and you're ready to go. Let HiQ take care of basic button, input and other element styling so you can focus on what's important.